5th February Calcotts in Catalunya

Despite the  lull in the icy blasts the weather was still a little inclement and it rained  but being British we carried on with the planned party.  Eladio our vet  and his Sommelier girlfriend brought 8 friends and we were 14  ex-pats.  There was lots of meat, calcots and artichokes as well as the wine to taste. Simon had prepared the terrace with a brilliant barbecue contrived out of the old fire grate and an extremely elderly Spanish wheel barrow and of course concrete blocks. It worked brilliantly.

Eladio and Maria with the calcots on the fire

I made three different Romesco sauces. One from Rick Steins recent book  and two from Irving Davis’ book.  The sweeter Irving Davis one was the most popular with the locals and the picante Davis one with the Brits.

Ready to get stuck in

Maria was very patient with us as we tried to get in the tasting zone.  She had brought a little box of essesnces all different aroma’s and we were invited to guess what they were.  The food tech teacher  (Yo) was brilliant needless to say and spotted all four flavours we tested. Then we started on the wines. All local and one that Simon and I had tried at the Festast last year in Tortosa We tried one white wine and two reds.   One of the guests spotted the grape varieties and the valdepenas were  very well received.  We ate and drank very well and by the time 6pm  most of the clearing up had been done !  A jolly good time was had by all.