Rain in Spain

Over the last four hours we have we had 51mm of rain.  The farm is three hectares, that means the whole farm has had… 51 litres per square meter x 30,000 square meters 1,530,000 litres of water on the farm. Makes stuff grow, olives, almonds,tomatoes, lettuces, grass, figs, vines, asparagus, weeds….…

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This just about sums us up… A perfect Vacation

Our guests Christina and Lance  wrote this after staying with us earlier this year. The Perfect Vacation: A Recipe INGREDIENTS 16 hours a day of unfiltered sunlight  A clear blue sky  Cooling shade under grapevines heavy with fruit A tickle of a breeze A little wine and a  few sweet…

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5th February Calcotts in Catalunya

5th February  Calcotts in Catalunya

Despite the  lull in the icy blasts the weather was still a little inclement and it rained  but being British we carried on with the planned party.  Eladio our vet  and his Sommelier girlfriend brought 8 friends and we were 14  ex-pats.  There was lots of meat, calcots and artichokes as well…

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