Ebre delta cruise

We’ve had family here and have been playing at tourist for a week or so.  One of our days out was a cruise down the Riu Ebre on the Santa Susana that included a rather lovely lunch.  The whole event took about four and a half  hours and was a great way to spend the middle of the  day.

The cruiser leaves from one of the Restaurants beside the river and booking was easy, we did it on line and left our phone number as a point of contact.


Underwater Archeology in Catalunya

A vessel from the Centre d”arqueologia subaquatica de Catalunya


We saw lots of birds and some fishermen and a boat from the sub-aqua archaeology centre of Catalunya which was heading up the river having been working in the bay near the Isle de Buda.  There was one guy waterski-ing and one or two other craft but it was very peaceful.

River ebre cruise lunch

Lunch waiting for us aboard the Susana


There are big catfish  and carp in the River Ebre and many experts are about to help you find them. 

Ebro fishing trip

Waiting for a bite?

Before lunch we went up stream towards Amposta and turned around just after the new bridge at St Jaume, headed back to have launch and afterwards headed downstream towards the sea and turned around just before open water.


Sant Jaume D’Enveja

The newest bridge over the Ebre in our region at Sant Jaume D’Enveja


River Ebro near Ile de Buda

The last few meters of the Riu Ebre before it goes into the Mediterranean.


When we had finished lunch we went to the beach at Riumar, the sea was wonderful  and there were some birds dive-bombing the shoals of fish in the warm shallow water.

A great day out.