Riba Rocks is a great little Eco Festival of International Music and Arts and is held about 80 km from here.

The 2016 festival was another huge success and resulted in their being awarded Best Sustainable Festival in the Iberian Peninsula Festival awards in March 2017

The ethos of the festival is so much like ours that we had to get involved.  They believe that we should “Be good to the land; do no harm”; so the toilets are composting and the water used sparingly, solar power used for as much as is possible on this scale and re-cycled materials used throughout the place in the construction of the infrastructure.

The couple whose baby it is, the founders, Chris and Sarah spend a lot of their year planning, organising building and sculpting the land, not to mention fundraising for this first weekend in September.

The site is beautifully prepared and the valley is absolutely gorgeous.  The drive up to the Valley follows the majestic River Ebro for a while as it winds through the Grand Catalonian landscape.  You will follow a winding but well signposted track up towards the head of the valley. Then you find your tent or a pitch for the one you brought and amble up the valley some more.  The centre of the action is the Main stage which is slap-bang in the middle of a natural amphitheatre.  Rock faces, olive trees, eagles and wildlife all around and it faces the setting sun.  Performers at sunset are lit by a glorious sunset and have a magnificent view.

One of the camp sites.

One of the camp sites.

From above the site at Riba Rocks

From high up behind the stage.

It’s not huge. A good thing

It’s not heaving with bodies. Another good thing.

They are so welcoming, it’s like being at a friends party. Good.

The Music? all sorts from all over.

There are poetry readings and artists as well as some retail opportunities. Good food, beer, wine and water great music and of course… Sunshine.

We were very excited to be involved with Riba Rocks as sponsors for the second year.

Check out their website www.riba-rocks.com for more details

The next festival is 2019 and we will be involved with that too and offering deals for a two site holiday.


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