Mac the beak

Today we added to our chicken flock, two bantams.  We wanted to increase our flock and put an advert on the Tortosa Forum.  A very nice couple from Xerta got backto us as their Bantam was picking on their young full sized cockerel. Their full sized bird is I think a Rhode Island Red. He is going to be very beautiful.  The bantams we picked up and brought home are Asil and very pretty.

This is what I found on the link above.

“Bantam Asil have been created at the end of the 19th century by an English breeder named William Flamank Entwisle. The breed got very popular after its creation but after a couple of decades interest in this variety slowly died out. Bantam Asil appeared in the Dutch poultry standard of 1920 in several colours. Till beginning of the 1980’s nothing was heard abouth these little Asil. A Belgian breeder named Willy Coppens created them again using Ko Shamo, Indian Game bantams and Reza Asil. After this succesful introduction German breeders like Andreas Niehsen and Hartmut Vieregge worked with the breed which resulted in recognition into the German standard. The breed was also introduced again in Holland and United Kingdom. At present day Bantam Asil are quite popular and they are bred in various colours. Weight max.750 Gram (1.65 Lb).”

Why Mac the Beak I hear you ask?  I thought Barry the bantam like Barry Mcguigan  the boxer,  thinking he was a bantam weight … but no he was a feather weight. But he has a plaid jacket so he is just Mac.