A drop of the Golden stuff.

We are having a Whisky Tasting Event here at Manna House

If you fancy getting to know something about appreciating this magnificent beverage come and do it at Manna House. The evening is hosted by Jenny Hardy who has a General Certificate in Distilling and years of Whisky experience….




Introduction to Whisky Masterclass on Sat 22nd April.

6:30pm:  Arrival of guests / Pick up from Aldea station

Meet and greet with a whisky cocktail on the terrace.

7:00pm:  Activities start

Whisky Masterclass: 5 tastings with presentation & sensory awareness

or you can do a

Paella (Marisco) Cookery Class


At the end of the evening a nightcap of a whisky liquor or hot chocolate and mingle until ready to leave or sleep.

30€ per person

40€ per room for 2 people (breakfast included)

Contact us here at Manna House or Jenny at The Still and Stave Whisky Class page on Facebook