A magnificent year for the cherry tomatoes

Bottling fruit


We have had a really good year for tomatoes.  I found when shopping for tomato plants in Cataluña, my not having a complete grasp of the Catalan language can be a problem.  Hence I had an awful lot of cherry toms and only a few big ones.  Nil desperandum.  They are sweet to pop in your mouth and make excellent sauce to store in jars for over the winter.


Soften, finely diced organic onions with some garlic in EVOO I use ours of course from the finca (farm)

Cut each tomato in half and added them to the softened onions.

Cook this till it is soft. The tomatoes actually feel soft as you stir them and the individual tomatoes are no longer recognisable.

Rip up some organic basil (everything here is organic) and toss it in and turn off the heat

When it is cool pour into sterilised jars (use the dishwasher if you have one and take them out when they are hot. Put the lids on, done up but not tight.

Place in a pan of cold water so the water comes up to their shoulders, where the jar narrows at the top.

The jars should not sit on the base of the pan, put in an upside down plate, saucepan lid, trivet or something so there is no direct contact between glass jar and pan base.

Bring VERY SLOWLY to simmering point. This takes an hour or so.

Simmer for about 15 minutes

Take out of the bath, tighten the lids and leave to cool.