good olive tree

This is a truly unique gift a bit like dating sites but with trees. You match the characteristics of the tree to that of the receiver and they get a beautiful  can of Extra Virgin Olive oil made from the fruit of their tree through the post.  They get regular updates about their tree over the year which makes the gift last for the whole year.

This year’s olive harvest is just starting and who knows what this year will bring? Now is an excellent time for Adopting a tree for and makes a Christmas gift last all year.

When you adopt an olive tree for the year for €69 you will receive: 

An adoption certificate, with a photo of the tree, telling you the approximate age and its characteristics sent in the post.

Each adopted tree will wear a hand painted terracotta plaque with the name of the recipient .

A 750 ml can of certified extra virgin olive oil delivered to the recipient for the date you choose. The tree is chosen to match the character and personality of the recipient

Pictures of the tree before and after pruning, via e-mail, in flower and also when it is ready to harvest along with details of yield .

A discount on your holiday at Manna House so that you can come and visit your tree.


Learn more about the varieties on the farm.

Why adopt an olive tree?

When you adopt an olive tree you are not only getting a unique gift but also enabling us to maintain the traditional ways to care for our trees. We have been chemical free for 10 years but it’s not the easy way to do it.  Keeping the grass down takes time and effort, adopting a tree helps us put fuel in the strimmer.

We ensure that the trees get what they need naturally in order to produce oil of an exceptional quality, at the same time as farming the trees in a totally sustainable, organic way.

Adopt a tree and help us to continue this sustainable production method.

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Each type of tree, depending on the producing area, … produces an oil with different chemical and organoleptic properties. And within the same variety, different oils are produced depending on factors such as microclimate, the type of soil, altitude..”           Asoliva (Spanish Olive oil organisation)

We are small producers of olive oil and like small wine producers, the oil we produce is individual and full of character. Each batch we make here at Manna House has its own personality; individually created by the combination of olive varieties, date of harvesting and weather.