Choosing the right tree:

Each tree and fruit has a unique personality just like the adoptee.

Take a look at the different trees and see which one suits.


Arbequinia olive tree; adopt me if you like long hot summers.


This is the tree for someone who:

  • Is fruity
  • Loves long dry summers
  • Is rarely bitter
  • Does not hold a grudge
  • Is not a big person
  • Is highly regarded and well respected at work and home
  • Doesn’t like technology
This olive tree is small and delicate yet frost hardy.  It works hard for you to produce the goods, it loves being handled gently and the sunshine.
Adopt a Spanish olive tree: empeltre

Prolific, small and vigorous olive tree.


This is the tree for someone who:

  • Is just getting married
  • Bonds for life
  • Mixes very well with others
  • Is blonde
  • Is sweet
  • Is happiest at home
  • Is a bit fruity
  • Adds a little something to a simple life

An Ebre Delta Special. The tree is small, very strong and upright, but doesn’t like the cold. It produces smooth, pale yellow oils which are sweet and aromatic.


This olive tree doesn't mind the cold.

Adopt this olive tree if you are a late developer.


This  is tree the tree for someone who:

  • Is getting married in their prime.
  • Is physically fit
  • Has a pale complexion
  • Is not too sweet
  • Is useful in the kitchen
  • Could be on the large side
  • Doesn’t mind the cold


This tree has long tresses that bear the fruit. The oils are very good for the diet and for bread making and the fruit  is recommended for the table.


This tree is the tree for someone who:


Moorish origins

Farca; an old variety which like to be harvested by hand

  • Likes to be warm
  • Has exotic tastes
  • Is curvy
  • Is delicate
  • Has an interesting shape
  • Is popular
  • Is very good with food

An old variety with North african origins, and careful handling by hand is the best way to look after it.



This young Catalan Olive tree  is waiting to be adopted.

This young Catalan Olive tree is waiting to be adopted.

 This is the tree for someone who:

  • Likes a ski trip in the winter
  • Likes gentle handling
  • Enjoys reaching for the sky
  • Is delicate
  • Dosen’t like being pushed around
  • Is energetic
  • Is good with food

Another local variety and it can get very tall, this one also like a cold snap to be at it’s best. Very good table variety. This one also needs gentle handling and bruises easily.

A present for a mature person

A late ripener, but well worth waiting for. The Marut.


This is the tree for someone who:

  • Is definitely a home loving person.
  • Has matured beautifully
  • Is open in nature
  • Can weather a storm
  • Is sweet and smooth
  • Could be accused of high maintenance
  • Is energetic
  • Works well with good friends

Almost exclusively a local. A late ripener but a slow starter too. A little bit fussy about where it lives.

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