Apricot and almond tart..


A bit like a Bakewell Tart really.

A sweet pastry case with bottled apricots then almond sponge and blanched almonds on top.

The following quantities made two tarts one 15 cm and one 20 cm.

Sweet pastry case

5 oz/ 100g  flour, 3oz/70gButter, 2oz/30g sugar, 1 egg yolk.


3 large eggs, and the same weight of sugar, margarine and plain flour.

BUT take out one tbsp and replace with 1tbsp of ground almonds.

Apricots; canned, fresh (halve them) or bottled. Enough to cover the base of the baking dish

Almonds 20 or so, blanched and whole

Quick method for pastry…with a mixer or processor.  Throw flour and sugar into bowl, quick mix, add butter mix  it in and then egg yolk. Process till it forms a ball.

Slower method for pastry, Rub fat into flour, stir in sugar and knead together.  If it does not hold together add the egg yolk.

Roll out about 4mm thick and line fluted baking dish.

Handy hint No 1

To separate egg from white; gently crack egg and break the shell into two halves over a bowl and pour the egg yolk into your hand 


Cream butter and sugar

Lightly beat eggs with a fork and add to the mixture  a bit at a time

Cream together until it changes colour and is light and fluffy.

Add flour and almonds  stir in to the mixture until it is incorporated into the mixture.

Apricots… Depending on what you can lay your hands on.. Whether fresh or canned  they can go on top of the pastry or on top of the sponge. Whichever you do make sure they are as dry as possible.  I used bottled for mine and they were soft  and didn’t want to keep their shape so they went under the sponge. I decorated the top with some whole blanched almonds, about  a dozen per dish is the minimum I would say. Make a pretty pattern with the apricots on the top. Bake it in a moderate oven for about 25-30 min or until it is golden brown.

You can eat it hot, warm or cold.