Bound together forever a Valentines day gift

There are some trees here on the farm which have been grafted together. Two varieties with different characteristics which have been put together because they work well together.  One may be large and dark and the other small and pale. Or an olive that produces a slightly sweet oil may be grafted to one which has a slightly bitter taste.  Combined making perfection. There is one particular combination,  Empeltre and Hojiblanca which we have quite a few examples of.  The Empeltre doesn’t much like it when it’s cold and windy and the Hojiblanca doesn’t mind, so they are stuck together.

Grafted olives

Two Olive varieties on one tree. Together forever.

I always think this is a bit like being married.  Not identical but a good combination.

So if you are looking for a perfect Valentines day gift check out A Tree for a Year and ask for a grafted Olive tree for your nearest and very dearest. The best part is it lasts a year and theres the discounted holiday as well…