Carpets of flowers

L’Ametlla de Mar is a small fishing village about 25 minutes up the N340 from Manna House. Well worth a visit when you are staying here. It is very pretty, has excellent shops and lots of very good restaurants.

Last weekend was a very special one for the village.

Overnight carpets of flowers in spectacularly wonderful colours took over most of the heart of the village.  Most of them were made from leaves and petals; roses, broom, pine leaves and cones, curry plants and carnations. Some were coloured sand and all of them were stunning. They were created overnight by members of the community and thankfully the weather was warm, still and dry.  We got there at lunchtime and they were still pretty much pristine. There were a few dog and pigeon foot prints and a couple of human ones but not spoilt at all.

This design was outside the church.

This design was outside the church.

things to do in Catalonia

There were flowers and Butterflies on this one

cartoon carpets of flowers

I think this one was for the children

carpets of flowers in Catalonia

This one too.

Well worth the drive and we threw in a good lunch too.  I had tuna belly salad. Balfego is based here and the Blue Fin Tuna they catch goes a long way.. Apparently within 24 hours of coming out of the Mediterranean it is in Japanese Restaurants.

I am glad there was some left for me.  It was heavenly.

Balfego in Ametlla

Belly of Tuna in l’Ametlla de Mar

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