Catalan Health Service

Simon turned his ankle last night in the Finca.

Simons ankle all bangaged up.

I was in the Casita lighting a fire and came out to hear him calling me.  He was on the deck obviously in a lot of pain.  He had just shut in the birds and was hurrying, in the dark back to the car to empty out the Bauhaus shopping and turned his ankle over some of the bedrock. I got him into the house and rang two friends.  One to dog and guest sit and one to take us to the hospital. Sarah arrived first and was brilliant, calm and sensible advising us to take books et.c and then Dannielle arrived and sent us packing with an effusive “Allez”.  The dogs and our soon to arrive guest were well catered for. We went over the mountain to Tortosa.  A bumpy ride and therefore quite painful for Simon.  The Hospital is just the other side of the mountain and Sarah dropped us off and in we went, Simon in a wheelchair. Excellent service despite the fact we are not officially in the system! EHIC card no good for residents!  Need to go to Aldea for CAP?….. whatever that is.

He  had a drip, X-ray and cast put on with no fuss at all despite a busy A and E ward and we were on our way home by 10pm, having left the house at about 7. Prescription in my hand for anti-inflammatories and painkillers.