Chicken supper, Mediterranean style

Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic :A Classic french dish.

You need a casserole pan for this, an oven and hob friendly one

A chicken, whole or portioned. (Yes, free range and organic is best if you like!)

Garlic, 40 cloves of garlic with the loose papery jackets off but in their pink skins still.

drop of white wine or vermouth, 1/2 a glass

thyme just the leaves, pulled off against the grain,

one fresh bay leaf, (dry will do)

spring onions, 6 ish or baby leeks, 2 or a fresh young onion, very finely sliced

salt, pepper,

butter, olive oil, ours of course, (yes, both are needed)


Brown off the chicken in a pan with the oil and butter, set aside. Not easy with a whole bird but do your best.

Put the garlic in the pan with the rest of the ingredients, cook for about a minute.
Put the chicken back in the pot making sure there is garlic over the top of the chicken as well as under it.

Put the lid on and cook in a moderate oven for about an hour and a half.

To eat this squeeze the garlic out of it’s jacket onto the bread and eat it with the chicken dipped into the juices.

Some say this needs a salad with it. You can if you want to.

Green and crunchy with a sharpish dressing would be good.

We ate it just the bread and chicken… So good.