Cooking holidays, added advantages

One of the joys of running cooking holidays is the research.  Compulsory looking at and eating of delicious things is guaranteed to give you ideas for things to do and share with the cooking holiday guests.

Sunday lunch this week was a case in question.  We went to Delta Hotel in Deltebre. I suppose a large restaurant complex is how you would describe it with a couple of big rooms, lounge area, an outside restaurant a small lake, function room and play area all slap bang in the Ebro Delta Nature Reserve.

Being an English party we were first to arrive at 1:30 and were there for a while.  Smoked local eels, Mar y Muntaña salad with small mushrooms walnuts and prawns on a bed of luscious lettuce, Tuna Tartare, Langoustine and monkfish soup, Calamari (of course ),  huge and tender Lamb shank and Lobster with salsa verde.

One photo. All you need to see.

Cooking holiday ideas

The remains of the lobster