Coriander and Seed bread.

I made poppy and pumpkin seed bread with coriander today quite delicious. Proved well.

poppy seeds and pumpkind seed bread

The ingredients


500g Strong white Flour

Packet of fresh yeast

rounded tablespoon poppy seeds

handful of pumpkin seeds

2 tsp coarsely ground coriander

Tsp each of salt and sugar

The coriander was from the garden and the flour was organic but that only makes a little difference to the final product.

First proving in the warn Spanish sunshine.

First proving in the warm Spanish sunshine.


When it has doubled in size  knock it back to take some of the gas out.

doubled in size in the sunshine

Fluffy dough.

The place it back in the warm for a second prove.

Onto a baking sheet or a tin if you want more form to your bread.

Pop it in a hot oven and hey presto.

Good bread.

(unfortunately, the camera was not as close as the butter and a knife when it came out of the oven …

Looks like I will have to do it again.