Crazy weather = gardening.

At the moment it is cold.  Not English cold Spanish cold,  the temperature got down to -2 last night and is a balmy 9 degrees Celsius today. We did have some crazy warm weather here though at the end of January.  One afternoon it got to 19 degrees  and we had tea and biscuits on the terrace with some friends.

But  the sunshine encourages a gardening day and Simon  added some well needed compost into a patch of ground near the gate.  There had been a big succulent there for a very long time. It was planted by the previous incumbents as a small plant and maybe 30 years later had got too big for its boots and died back. The picture below was how it looked before the heat got to it, believe me it wasn’t pretty.


It had to go as it was not pretty and was right at the entrance to the farm.  With the help of Alex and Belen, two workawayers from the other side of the Atlantic, out it came.  I’ve been finding all sorts of rubbish under it for all the years we have been here and have taken at least two trips to the tip with stuff.  Alex and Belen finished the job and took out all the dead wood, roots and the last of the bottles and cans.

One load going to the tip.

One load going to the tip.

That was last Spring I think and it’s been waiting for some love and re-planting ever since.  We were expecting some rain.  Not a lot but some, so it was a good time to dig in the compost prior to a re-plant.


Job done!

We got quite a bit of rain but are waiting for the temperatures to go up a bit before we plant anything.