We have been here for nearly four years. We have or own water source. a 230m deep bore hole and we had it tested soon after drilling  it. The results came back saying it was of good quality.Despite this it is held for 10 days or so in a great big tank and so we have got into the habit of buying bottled water. We get through about 12-15  litres of still water each week. For “con gas” probably 6 litres per week

Thats 2.5 flagons  52 weeks  each year for 4 years., for still water

6 x 52 x 4 = 1,248 litre bottles

2.5  x 52 x 4 = 520 flagons

1,768 , call it 1,500 for days out and that week we had in England, 1,500 lumps of plastic we have added  to global pollution in 4 years. Sorry planet.

This has stopped.  We have purchased two Daleks, water purifiers that will be purifying our already  lovely water .

pure drinkable water

Daleks at Manna House

One is for the house and one for the Casita.  There will be two arriving soon for the Lodge and cookery school.