Dinner for ten

We had some guests staying on Sunday night who wanted to entertain some friends. We were asked to cook for them and a pleasure it was too.  The guests were all vegetarians and vegans and so we did an Indian meal with eight different dishes for the main course our own almonds and olives with drinks and Simon made Vegan Mango and Banana ice cream.

I used Madhur Jaffreys Indian Cookery book with a few of my own alterations some for Vegan diners and some old favourites.

Ingredients for Indian Vegan dishes

The ingredients set out ready for our Indian Vegan dinner

The work room was transformed into a beautiful dining space and looked spectacular.

workroom transformed

Ready for Dinner

Sunday 12th January

Olives and spiced almonds from the farm


 Punjabi Gobi

Cauliflower with shredded ginger

Gobi aur timatar

Cabbage with spices and tomato

Sookhi moong dal

Dry moong dal

Maseledar basmati

Spiced basmati rice

Carott Koshumbir

Dressed carrot

Rasedar khumbi aloo

mushrooms and potatoes cooked with garlic and ginger


Yoghurt with cucumber

(with Soya yoghurt)

Dalpuri Roti

Dal filled flat bread


 Mango and banana Ice cream

Suitable for vegans