Ebro Rice in September Sunshine.

We went to the beach a couple of days ago and drove through the Delta to la Marquesa which is absolutely beautiful.  There’s a restaurant at one end and has a fabulous view of the coastline. The link here takes you to a map of the beach.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon and despite this there was a lot of activity as the some of World Class Ebro Rice is ready. It smells just like cooking rice as it sits there with it’s feet in water waiting to be harvested. The machinery is incredible with surreal wheels and caterpillar tracks to keep it up out of the water.

Specialist Rice from the Isle of Buda

Specialist Rice from the Isle of Buda

The bird life surrounding the activity is a joy to behold with all sorts of Heron, Cattle and Glossy Ibis and and of course all kinds of Seagulls. and terns.

All in all a  good afternoon in September Sunshine.

Deltebre rice.

Rice from the Ebro Delta