Gambas and cream cheese for breakfast

I fancied a treat for breakfast and had the thought next to the fish counter at Mercadona in Tortosa. So I bought 8 Gambas.  This particular variety are pink before they are cooked. Do not be fooled into thinking pink means cooked!  When they are cooked theey are a much more intense colour.

To prepare them I took off  the head, jacket and legs so just the  tail was left. Then I cleaned out the gut.  A fiddly job but not hard.  As you look at them on one side you can see a thin grey line running down the length of the body. Cut carefully along the length of this and wash out the canal.  You can eat them without doing this but sometimes it’s a bit sandy.

Little pink darlings.

Little pink darlings.

Finely chop some garlic and parsley.

Add some olive oil ( I always use our Olive Oil ) and a little butter to a pan and put it on the heat. Brown the garlic over a moderate heat  and raise the temperature. When it is HOT (not warm) carefully place the prawns in the pan  I always do it in a circle;  they don’t take long and this way if you start at 12 o’clock and work your way round the first is obvious and you can turn them over in sequence too.

Eight equals four each... or 5:3  Hmmm.

Eight equals four each… or 5:3

Once they have gone in, in sequence and been turned in sequence, reduce the  heat and cook for a couple of minutes.


Out of the pan and onto a plate, sprinkle your freshly chopped parsley.


Expect rewards!

We ate ours with croissants, cream cheese and a squeeze of lemon.

A squeeze of lemon.

A squeeze of lemon.

There is a fish market at L”Ampolla called Devimar which is open on Sunday mornings, ideal for the cookery school guests to go to and shop for Seafood.

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