Iberian Festival Awards 2017

We are so proud to be associated with Riba Rocks who this week won a major award in Barcelona.  The Iberian Festival Award for Sustainability.

This  little festival in the mountains above Riba Roja d’ebre has been going for four years and we have been sponsoring it.  The dynamic dynamos that are  Chris and Sarah who live in the Valley and their sidekick directors from Ibiza (Rich and Abi),  dedicate almost all of their time to making this a fantastic event.  We’ve loved the ones we have been involved in. The ethos is to be sustainable and it is a beacon to all others striving to be “eco-friendly’.  There are composting toilets., re-usable beakers, paper not plastic plates and cutlery. Re-cycled materials have been used to create the infrastructure and the whole ambience of the place is not just sympathetic to the place but the festival and the valley form one entity.  The synergy between the two is tangible and all encompassing.  The village and villagers play an important part of the set up and must be proud of the raising of the Villages profile on the National Stage.

From above the site at Riba Rocks

The camp site getting set up in the valley.

The lovely Ali Ingle

The Oh-so talented Ali Ingle.

Riba Rocks

Late night or was it early morning shot. Dancing in the dust.

One of the camp sites.

One of the camp sites.

They are having next year  to improve the farm and add to the sustainability of the project.  There will be an opportunity again to combine a Manna House break with a trip to the festival  in 2018.

I can’t wait!