It’s been olive picking time.

I love this time of year. We usually get warm sunshine to work in and the atmosphere is amazing. We’ve always had great teams from across the world to help us gather the harvest, along with family and friends of course.  This year has been strange though.  Certainly there was less sunshine for the harvest and this delayed things.

We picked one load reasonably early on right at the end of October with the help of a Danish girl, thanks Ditte, and my sister’s sister-in-law, thanks Helen. Lovely oil, all done in two days! The second batches almost as quick.  But the last lot, mostly Morruda/Marut took ages to ripen due to the weather, rain, rain, rain…

We had a team on stand-by but to no avail the fruit would not ripen and the team of 5 lovely girls were borrowed by neighbours to do some work on their farms. Happily two of them, more Danes, Inga and Reike were able to come back a week later to help us get the last 750kg in with the help of two travellers, Ondrej and Katerina from the Czech Republic.

All in all a strange year for the fruit.  Next year with all this rain, and a good feed in the spring from the local compost place,  we should get a bumper harvest.

The Vikings at work.

The Vikings at work.


This years “A team” with 750kg of handpicked, organically produced Olives.