Kittens : a moral dilemma

I have just found a nest of kittens in the almacen.  Moral dilemma. Feed or not? Drown or not?

The mother cat is a stray/wild/homeless.  We have never put food down for her or the couple of pals we have seen about the place. We are ok for a while as mum is feeding the babies. They, as a family, will certainly keep the mouse and rat  populations down that is a fact. Vermin like the countryside and farms and chickens.  We have all of those. However both Simon and I have experience of rampaging cat populations. In the UK there is always the RSPCA who will, from what I recall’ come and take them away.  The responsible thing to do is to get them neutered and Progat might be able to help with that.  You have to catch them first though and if they are truly wild that could be a problem.  In order to make them tame enough to catch and neuter we would have to feed them.  A slippery slope to domestication. We can’t cope with any more animals in the house.  A dilemma indeed. To feed or not to feed.