Liver and onions

Not everybody’s favourite dish but mine is very good.  I served mine with mashed potato and carrot and baby organic cabbage and leeks braised in red wine with fresh herbs.

Here’s the method for the liver.

Coat thinly sliced liver in seasoned flour. (Mine had black pepper, salt and pimento picante)

Thinly slice an onion. Fry in olive oil and a little butter slowly till golden brown, take out with a slotted spoon and place to one side.

Put streaky bacon in the same pan and cook till crisp and put to one side (same dish as the onions is fine but beside not on top of, we want it to stay crisp.)

Next, very quickly fry the liver in the pan. It really doesn’t take long. Thin slices means less than 1 cm thick. That takes less than a minute each side. When done put them to one side (Same dish again but you can put it on the onions.)

Then you are going to make the sauce.  Basically a roux (fat, flour and a liquid).

With about 2 table spoons of the fat (Oil, butter and bacon fat) left in the pan (Keep the rest as it will make a good base for something else) add one and a half tablespoons of flour to the pan.

Stir well  for about a couple of minutes on then off the heat.

Add half a glass of red wine and half a glass of chicken stock a bit at a time, on the heat and stir well. ( Yes, home made stock is better, make a batch and store it in small containers in the freezer)

If if looks thick add more liquid, wine, stock or water..

If it looked thin, cook it for a bit longer so it reduces. ( That means water is evaporating off the top so keep stirring and no lid!)

When it looks like gravy… put the liver and onions back into the sauce to make sure they are really hot.

Then serve it up with a veg of your choice.

Liver and onions, crispy bacon and braised baby cabbage and leeks.

Liver and onions, crispy bacon and braised baby cabbage and leeks.