New babies


One of Higgledy Piggledy’s chicks.

I think the chicks have stopped hatching.  We are up to seven hatched out of nine she was sitting on.  One unfortunately didn’t survive.  Simon found her standing on it!

The other six are running around eating mash and lettuce and have drunk their dish dry twice already. Apparently new chicks have a tendency to drown themselves  (but they can only do it once?) .  The best way to avoid this is to put marbles into the water dish.

It was entertaining watching the mother hen show them how to peck. Literally on the job training. We have one black hen, (Black Australorp),  one red hen (possibly  a Cinnamon Queen) and five Buff Opingtons I think…  They have a little blue patch on their cheeks but are quite slender and not fat and fluffy.  We bought them from a Spanish neighbour.  The babies are as follows; one black, three pale and two honey coloured ones.  We will see.  If I have researched correctly,  the black one has to be a girl as male Australorps are white?  Could be wrong.


The newcomers enjoying the sunshine.

According to the law of averages half will be boys and half girls.  We already have a home for one boy…..of course the girls all get to stay here with us.  That leaves two boys homeless….

Anyone want a rooster?