On the roof

We had a bit of work done on the roof and then put artificial grass down on top. Nice green grass and the original bright white walls around. Suddenly it all seemed a bit too .. well.. “white” .

So I thought I’d add a bit of colour.  I took inspiration from what is around us here and started with an ant train as they are every where.  Then I thought a daisy chain coming from the other direction to meet it might add balance.  I changed my mind about that and decided I’d do a meadow full of flowers.. and grass and of course my favourite birds had to have a role.  So there are Hoopoes as well

I’ve got lots of time to work on it as I have set no date to finish it.

Hoopoe and Bobby looking for something.

Hoopoe and Bobby looking for something.

I’m told by my family I need a snail in there somewhere.  I have lots of space to put it. This is about two-thirds of it.  I also have 5 pillars to do and a chimney breast.  It will keep me quiet for at least the summer break I think.  I have plans to alter – update – add to the Dragonflies around the pool as well.

In the late evening on the roof.