Orange and Ginger sponge

Love this one.  Sweet, spicy and crunchy as well as soft and spongey. I make my own candied peel as we eat so many oranges and the shop bought Candied peel is bland, colourless and totally boring.


Oven goes at 190 degrees.

A hand full of crystallised ginger (50g) chopped up small

Half an orange worth of home-made candied peel (50g) chopped up small

3 eggs

Either on a balance scale or other type of scales, weigh the eggs and add the same weight of soft brown sugar and  Margarine or (butter and margarine).

Ditto SR flour but take a dessert spoon out and replace with ginger and a hint of cinnamon.

Beat sugar and fats together in a big bowl until soft and creamy

Beat the eggs with a fork in a small bowl

Add eggs to fat and sugar a little at a time ( probably a 1/4 at a  time)

Combine until a soft batter

Sieve flour into this and then add the chopped fruity stuff.

Stir together, gently, don’t knock the air out.

Pour into a lined or silicon cake tin.

Into the oven for about  20 – 30 minutes

Ear it warm or cold; pudding or cake.

Orange and ginger sponge.

Manna House puddings, real eggs and real peel, real appealing.



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