Home Candied Orange peel and Ginger Sponge

Love this one.  Sweet, spicy and crunchy as well as soft and spongey. I make my own candied peel as we eat so many oranges and the shop bought Candied peel is bland, colourless and frankly totally boring.


Oven goes on  at 190 degrees.

A hand full of crystallised ginger (50g) chopped up small

Half an orange worth of home-made candied peel (50g) chopped up small

3 eggs

Either on a balance scale or other type of scales, weigh the eggs and add the same weight of soft brown sugar and  Margarine or (butter and margarine).

Ditto SR flour but take a dessert spoon out and replace with ginger and a hint of cinnamon.

Beat sugar and fats together in a big bowl until soft and creamy

Beat the eggs with a fork in a small bowl

Add eggs to fat and sugar a little at a time ( probably a 1/4 at a  time)

Combine until a soft batter

Sieve flour into this and then add the chopped fruity stuff.

Stir together, gently, don’t knock the air out.

Pour into a lined or silicon cake tin.

Into the oven for about  20 – 30 minutes

Ear it warm or cold; pudding or cake.


Lemon Curd

Sometimes we get too many eggs to eat. We can’t hatch them all.  This is one way to use them up.

what to do with lots of eggs

Curd ready to go into the jars

You need:

8 oz/200g caster sugar

4 oz/100g unsalted butter

2 lemons

3 eggs

First. Grate off the rind from the lemons, yellow only not the  white and squeeze out the juice.  Pop them in the microwave for about 20 second to get more juice out.

Whisk the eggs.

Melt the butter with the sugar and lemon juice and zest in the microwave. When the sugar has melted and it’s all frothy it is done.

You must let the mixture cool for about 3-4 mins then pour the eggs through a sieve into the sweet, lemony,  buttery loveliness.

Next you have to set the power on the microwave to medium and warm the mixture for 30 seconds then beat it then heat it, then beat it.  Repeat the process until it coats the back of a wooden spoon. You will be able to make a rounded spoonful when it is ready and it is opaque.

Pour it or spoon it into sterilised jars, cover and cool.

Some jars of lemon curd.  It stores in the fridge for a couple maybe three weeks.

Some jars of lemon curd. It stores in the fridge for a couple maybe three weeks.


It will keep in the fridge for about 3 weeks.  It is great on toast, fresh bread with cream cheese, croissants, crumpets, in a Victoria sandwich, in cup cakes and between two meringues with whipped cream. Maybe even with some vanilla ice cream.

Meringues, lemon curd and a splash of strawberry coolis.

Meringues, lemon curd and a splash of strawberry coolis.


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