Paella Session.

We have had some lovely guests here from Holland for the week and they wanted to do a Paella session.

We started at 4pm and went to Deltebre through the rice fields, which is just starting to be harvested and smells wonderful by the way. shopped for our ingredients and came back to Manna House for a wash and brush up before starting to cook.

We had a lot of fish and seafood to prepare as our Workaway helpers needed feeding as well.  Masses of gambas, Galeras, sepia, mussels, and a little bit of Monkfish to work on as well as the onions, garlic and  peppers to dice, parsley to chop, tomatoes to grate etc.  We made our own fish stock from the monkfish leftovers (for which the dogs were very grateful) and away we went.


These two were experienced cooks but still got a buzz from working with the lovely fresh seafood we have here.

Supper was great fun and the workers enjoyed their supper I think..

For the recipe look at Paella

To have a go yourself contact us here at Manna House.