Quick Dauphinoise

It was my turn in the kitchen last night and we had hungry helpers to feed. We have had lots of pasta over the weekend and I fancied potatoes and in particular creamy Dauphinoise potatoes, sliced and creamy with a crunchy top.

I only had 45 minutes from reaching for my apron to get it done though.  The microwave has it’s uses it would seem.

This made enough for 4 with no seconds!  If there had been seconds or leftovers.. it would have made a really good soup base!

Half an onion finely sliced

Three large potatoes washed and finely sliced

half a mug of milk  (100ml)

A little oil to soften onions and a good glug of Olive oil for the top

Sprig of Rosemary. 3/4 for the oil and onions and 1/4 for the top



1)  Soften the onions with some rosemary in a little oil either on the hob or in the microwave.

2)  Spread them out in the bottom of a ceramic or glass baking dish which fits in the microwave and still turns!

3)  layer the sliced potatoes over the top and sprinkle a little salt on each of the layers.

4)  Pour over the milk and cover well with cling film.

5)  Pop it into the microwave for about 10 to 15 minutes in 5 minute bursts.  Check to see if it soft towards the end.

6)  When it feels soft take off the cling film.  Carefully there will be very hot steam under it.

7)  Dribble olive oil over the top and freshly grind some pepper over it and a little more rosemary.

Pop it into the oven, quite high until it browns.

Quite delicious.

If you have more time… (I rarely do!)  you can do it all in the oven takes about an hour on a medium heat, covered to start then take off the foil or lid to brown it about half way through.

Sorry no photos with this one! it was all gone too quiickly!