Ras al hanout chicken with Dauphinoise potatoes and spring greens

Dauphinoise potatoes are perfect for layering.  So bake some following my recipe here and then pile spring greens on top,  I cooked mine in a little oil and butter and lots of freshly ground black pepper.

The chicken was leg, which I painstakingly boned. This is one of the skills we teach at the cookery school. It had been resting in the fridge bathed in Ras al hanout and olive oil all day.

chicken leg boning skills

Two boned chicken legs with a spoonful of Ras al Hanout and glut of our EVOO

Saute chicken

Saute in the little oil from the marinade

On top of this was baby beet leaves. just dropped in the chicken pan and stirred a couple of times.

Saute chicken and greens

All piled up and ready to eat.

Manna House cooking

Purple or red these beet leaves?

I can hear you shouting “Why bother boning a chicken leg?” all the way over here in sunny Spain.

Heres why.

1) The meat on the chicken leg is so much tastier than breast.

2) I wanted to do the whole piling up thing… Hard to do with a thigh and a drumstick.

3) I like to eat with just a fork. Less washing up.

It was very good.