Scrambled eggs and asparagus

Sounds so simple doesn’t it?  Free range eggs, wild asparagus and home made rustic bread.

The wild asparagus grows under lots of the trees here on the farm. Picking them by pulling up the whole stem including the bit from under the soil makes the plant throw out more shoots, therefore more wild asparagus. Prepare them just like farmed asparagus in so far as you snap off the tip at the first point it will actually snap starting from the root end.

preparing asparagus

Wild asparagus from the farm.

Then a quick wash and then into a sauté pan into melted, peppered butter.

You don’t want to brown them they just need to go a slightly deeper green, when they do take them out. This takes about 1 minute.

Into this pan without washing it, break your eggs.  I do two per person.The eggs just need a quick stir to break up the yolks a little bit.

Then: butter the bread or just stand and contemplate the sins of the world or check your phone or pat the dog.

Scrambled eggs in rural catalunya

Eggs strewn with wild asparagus

The key is to leave the eggs to set just a little before the next stir. Add salt and pepper the eggs and another quick stir.

My man likes his underdone and runny, I like mine set through.

 Not a problem he gets the top bit and I get the bottom.

Place onto fresh bread or toast.

Strew the cooked asparagus onto the top.

Ready to eat.

Ready to eat.

Admire the colours then eat!