We had some evil weather much like the UK over the last weekend and the start of the week. Storm Filomena bless her. Not as destructive for us as Gloria was last year but, oh my goodness me it was cold. I ordered gloves it was that cold! Temperatures didn’t get over 8 degrees for almost a week. Yes, it is unusual for Catalonia.

Snow on the mountains behind the farm

Today, however, the sun shone and the thermometer showed 13 and half. Warm enough to go and look at the olive and almond trees and Irises. they are looking well and the grass is spreading across the finca. The almond blossom buds are showing and the farm will soon be alive with bees and the smell of Toblerone, which is what I think the almond blossom smells like.

It doesn’t seem ten minutes since we were harvesting those beautiful olives to make the oil. The farm comes alive at harvest much like the summer when the holiday makers fill the Barn. At harvest time there are always people coming and going, voices and music, cooking, chatting, eating and back to the fields refuelled for the final session of the day, ready to go to the press between four and five.

The oil is clearing well and we actually started using this years oil in our kitchen yesterday. Supper tonight will include our dry cure olives, home made bread and MH number 10 extra virgin olive oil to dip into.

Can’t wait.