The answer is 42, what is the question?

The white grapes from over the casita.

The question?  How many bottles of home made wine have you got?   We have 42 bottles of wine  that are ready to bottle today.  There are two gallons of Nispero wine from the Nispero picked last May, two gallons of apricot from last Junes Apricot harvesting session.  We picked 55lbs of apricots from our neighbours around the corner  to add to the 20lbs we got off our  little tree.  There are two gallons of red wine from the black grapes growing over our casita and one gallon of white from the grapes belonging to our friends Terry and Jan near l’Ampolla. Each gallon gives 6 bottles.  Seven gallons with six bottles per gallon  that will make 42 bottles. We have washed 18  bottles, scrubbed and scraped off the labels and they are sterilising as we speak. This is the fun bit with tubes and bottles then corks and labels.  We both enjoy this bit.

Waiting for us to take them off the stalks. We picked 60kg of these and trod the juice out of them.

The white wine from the 100kg we picked of our  white grapes has made about six gallons.  These  I am afraid will have to wait for another day!