The balsa

To the uninitiated this is a new word. To us ex-pats living the dream…. it means a swimming pool.  When we got here the only users of ours were toads and tadpoles.  There were literally hundreds in there. It had been used as a pool about 25 years ago by the previous owners of the finca.  They brought up their two boys  here and have told stories of jumping off the Casita roof into the water.  Originally it was used  a source of water to irrigate the olive and almond trees around the Finca. Our builders used it as a source of water for the concrete mixer  and when they left it was time to empty clean and repaint it.  It also needed a bit of a terrace around it.

Rescuing the tadpoles and toads

Dear Simon reliably told me it would take us 10 days or so.  He was a little optimistic, it took from the 10th of May till the 4th of July.

We scraped and shovelled and scrubbed and painted and until our elbows hurt.  There are 5 coats of swimming pool paint on the inside of it and three coats of exterior emulsion on the outside.  We have not tiled it because it officially becomes a swimming pool and not an agricultural water source when you tile it apparently.  My  brother Chris and sister Cathy and her partner Jays gave us a head start with the terrace.  Simon and I finished it off. The terrace catches the sunshine from mid morning until it disappears and is a lovely warm spot.