We all know that olive oil is good for you; but did you know that the Mediterranean diet, high in olive oil of course, actually reduces the risk of cardia-vascular disease, liver disease and it reduces cholesterol.  Olive oil is high in anti-oxidants, the Picual variety in particular has an enormous proportion of the anti-oxidant, oleic acid, 80%.

Not only is it good for you it tastes good too.

Olive oils available
Our Ecological Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The olives are hand picked and pressed at 25°C less than 8 hours after picking at a family press about 15 minutes away.

hand picking olives
Many hands make light work.

Each can in the batch is individually numbered and dated. They are all extra virgin with an acidity of either 2.5 or 3.0% 

The land and trees at Manna House have not seen pesticide, herbicide or fungicide for over ten years and the previous owners had cared for the land for well over 100 years.

We are on the land working with and loving  the trees on a daily basis and the oil is made with care and love.

MH Number 10

Mixed varietal (Sevillenca 2/3, Morrut 1/3)

Numbered limited edition

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

0.25 – 0.3% acidity

500ml for €12.00

750ml for €17.50

plus postage and packing

The colour is that of honey, Moscatel wine or sunshine.

The oil is robust, with the aroma of  unripe oranges and stoned fruit, warmed through with walnut oil. Theres a hint of  Autumn about it.

You will taste pineapple and walnuts a hint of bitterness to start and a peppery finish, maybe rocket or radishes. There are hints of dark chocolate and olive leaf tea.

Pick of the day

Single Variety Picual 

Numbered and very limited edition

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

0.25% acidity

This batch was picked by hand and pressed within 8 hours

500ml for €14.50

plus postage and packing

The colour is that of  pale gold. You will smell an intense fruity aroma of bananas and apples and hazelnuts.

The flavour is robust with slight bitterness at the start, a smoothness almost butteriness on the palate combined with pineapple. At the end, radish and chicory.

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