This seasons workers.


This year our trees gave us just under 2000 kg of olives.  There has been so little rain here the “rendimiento”; that is the proportion of oil in litres to the quantity of olives in kg was very high.  We have about 300 litres of extra virgin olive oil settling in the barn.  Many neighbours have had another lean year and not picked their trees at all.  We could not have done it, as always, without our teams from the volunteer travellers sites. We have had help from Workaway, Helpx, hippohelp, and of course old friends too. For many of them it was their first experience.  I hope not their last….

Countries this year?

France, Germany, Canada, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, England, Japan, Israel and Holland,  have I missed anyone??  I hope not.


The C Team 2017

The A team. #2017

The A team. 2017


Sho and Anna from Kyoto.


The B team 2017


Ben and Laura; France and Lithuania

Wonderful people all of them,  all with great stories to tell and amazing journeys ahead of and behind them. Keep in touch if you read this!

Two websites for you to check out to “virtually” meet some of our troops.

dianas round trip