The taste of the area.

We’ve just come back from the Festast in Tortosa. The Fira alimentària de les Terres de l’Ebre. A wonderful morning out, and on again tomorrow if you are in the area. It opens at noon and goes on all afternoon and into the evening.  Such fun and nice people too. We came back with Sake made with rice from our very own delta, some Indian Pale Ale made in Cantabria.  We chatted to the boss of “La Madre” Vermouth who incidentally was launching a strawberry variety which was wonderful… Brought some of that home too. His company is based in Batea and is just opening communications with M & S.  Cava of course .. from Montesquius Cava. We also chatted to a lovely young woman representing Sat La Botera, who wants us to take visitors to her winery in the Terra Alta, at Batea again.

Some of our olives go to Colome Mulet in Campredo and their oil was included on the stand shown in the picture.


With so many delicious tapas to taste we didn’t need lunch. I even got to talk Romesco sauce with a Chef from Forn de la Canonja in the heart of the old city in Tortosa…

Time for a snooze.