Visiting Valencia

Handy hint No 1  Park at the airport and go in on the Metro

Handy hint No 2 Wear flat shoes.

Handy hint No 3 Get off the Metro at Colon.

Handy Hint No 4 Lunch late and long

You can go by train from here or drive down.  There are three roads to choose from, A7, AP7 N340.  They all take about a couple of hours and follow the coast. The N340 is the most scenic. The airport is easy to find and you go to normal parking not long term. Then catch the metro.  There were less than ten other people at the airport end of the metro.  Very easy!

I went with my cousin who has been before and has business contacts there.  I had a fabulous time.  Make sure you visit the food market Mercado Central, it is beautiful outside and heavenly inside.

Herbs and spices

Pulses at Mercado Central

There are all sorts of food stalls… there is meat and fish and fruit and vegetables and herbs and spices and pulses and oils and wines and dried fruit and  vinegars.  There was a stall selling only mushrooms………….. There was a salted fish stall including a whole salted shark.  (A small one, but still a shark)

Need I say more.