My New Month’s Resolution is to take our three dogs for a walk before I start work on the farm in the mornings.  So far I have been able to go twice.  Not bad in 5 days! No way I could do it yesterday 75kph winds, and in my defence I have had a touch of something they call ‘gripe’ here ‘flu’ in English. So I’m pleased with twice in five days.  I Ramble.

The smells and colours and light are enough to get you out of bed that extra half hour early. Pine, thyme, rosemary and a hint of coconut coming from the gorse.

Spring in Catalonia

Pine trees sprouting forth

Catalonia countryside

Young rosemary shoots in the campo.

Dwarf daffodils

Some tiny little daffodils on a rocky outcrop on my morning walk.

You get to eat as you go around as well, wild asparagus is sprouting. It tastes a bit like Mange tout or pea pods, best to eat the ones that are a bit taller so the chances of a ‘contamination’ are slimmer.

The dogs love me again too, even though it is himself who feeds them!