Wild Mushrooms

Whilst doing the supermarket shop yesterday in Tortosa I spotted some wild mushrooms for sale, at about €8.50 a kg not a cheap option but for a Sunday breakfast treat on my lovely bread, worth it.  I bought two, unlike cultivated mushrooms they dont shrink to half size when fried so two was plenty for me and himself. They are about 10cm in diameter and are firm of flesh and an orangey sort of brown.

meaty wild mushooms

Meaty and firm, and possibly saffron milk cap.

 Duly sliced and tossed into hot butter.

sliced wild catalonian  mushrooms

Sliced, added to a hot buttery pan with just about half a tsp of fresh Thyme, salt and pepper.

Then served on home made bread, toasted and buttered,  with a cup of coffee for a good start to another day picking olives.

mushrooms for breakfast

Spanish/Catalan mushrooms on toast.