Word for the day zester…and a Lemon Cake recipe

This one is simple and memorable.

A zested lemon.

A zester and zested lemon.

You will need

2 lemons

three eggs beaten with a fork until a little foamy.

equal weight (150g ) of caster sugar, SR flour and Margarine.

And a zester or fine grater.

Extra bit of sugar either caster icing or granulated  (a couple of tablespoons) to make the topping.

And a zester (or fine grater).

Cream together the Margarine and sugar until it i feels light to the touch, the softer the mixture the lighter the sponge.  It really feels different when it is done.

Add the eggs a little bit at a time into the  mixture, creaming it in between times.

When all the eggs are in add the zest of one of the lemons into the mixture. Only the yellow not the white.

Warm the lemon up in the microwave ( 10-15 seconds on full) or a bowl of hot water, cut it in half and juice both halves of it.  Add about half of the juice into the mixture. Keep the rest.

Sieve the flour into the mixture and pour into a bottom lined baking tin.  (This quantity will do a 25 cm round)

Bake in a moderate to hot oven for about 30minutes.

While it is in the oven, zest and juice the second lemon.

Add the extra sugar to the juice and zest and dissolve  the sugar, I use the microwave.  If you use the stove/hob don’t over boil it as the zest will become hard.

As soon as the cake comes out of the oven pour the sweet, lemony deliciousness  evenly over the top.  Can be served  cold or warm.