Working at Manna House

Restful, relaxing holidays at Manna House and Activity holidays Painting or Picking and Pressing olives are two ways you can get to spend time with us here on the farm, but we also take on helpers travelling all over the world.  People come and stay here, working with us and for us on tasks on the farm for five or six hours a day for five days a week, and we feed them and give them a room.  In their spare time they get to know the area visiting beaches and castles and sleepy Spanish villages. We are so grateful to have this source of help, without them we could not have done so many jobs here.

Lots of people take a “Gap” nowadays and not always between school and university, sometimes the end of their working lives. Sometimes between jobs and sometimes instead of a job and even sometimes as well as a job. We have hosted several who are travelling with a computer and running a business at the same time as doing stuff on the farm for us.

outdoor games on Catalonia holiday

This is teamwork.
These guys organised the tasks and got on with it

So many different jobs they have done for us, here are some of them.

Painting walls and murals, varnishing windows and doors, pruning, preparing for land for harvesting, harvesting, making wine, making jam, soap, and Marmalade, making boules courts, fires and fences, laying floors and paths, clipping wings and cutting grass.

Holiday activity..harvesting almonds

Harvesting Almonds

No time for resting while picking olives

No time for resting while picking olives

So if you fancy getting hot and sweaty in the sunshine of Catalonia for 5 hours a day for 5 days a week with no reward but excellent food and a nice location let us know.

Take five minutes to take a look at what you might get up to here.